Simply put, Diasporic Genius (DG) supports the cultural, economic, and physical transformation of Toronto through creative civic engagement. DG uses the power of story to release the wisdom inside all of us, and to activate the re-imagining of our communities and our city. Our work falls into five main streams:

DG uses storytelling as a tool to overcome social barriers, share experiences and knowledge across cultures and sectors, and develop imaginative capacity.

We offer everything from mural-making to belly dancing to drumming, bringing neighbours together in a joyful and inclusive environment to discover new forms of expression and make connections with one another.

DG has designed a series of seasonal events – Harvest Festival, Winter Solstice, Festival of Story, 7-Minute Feast – as well as bringing multi-disciplinary performances and hands-on arts activities to other community festivals.

Using a mentorship model, DG is developing a comprehensive training program that will give future community leaders the tools they need to initiate and implement positive change.

Our long-term vision is the integration of public space into Toronto’s natural and built urban environment. Our concept is modern village squares where people interact and creativity flourishes.