Inger Lise Oelrich is a theatre director, storyteller and adult educator working with creativity and the art of community as a path of development and method for change. She has lived in many countries, speaks several languages and carries a life-long interest in the rich and many faces of humanity. She is the happy mother of two beautiful daughters and a champion of all dialogue and human encounters which strengthen our connections to each other and to the living earth we call our home.

Besides a love of telling and listening to stories, Inger Lise travels widely giving trainings, workshops and talks on storytelling as a transformational skill, working in theatre, education, social work, health and businesslife, often creating tailor-made educational programmes to meet a need. Through the years, she has worked with groups, directing plays and initiating innovative projects in a wide variety of settings. A strong focus in recent years has been to investigate how storytelling and the arts enhance and strengthen peace and reconciliation processes, including multicultural contexts with a view to creating sustainable futures together.

Inger Lise Oelrich is Founding Director of Quest Storytelling 2001 and Storytelling for Life 2004, Founder of the movement ALBA – Nordic Healing Story Alliance 2005, initiative of international symposia, Storytelling as a Healing Art 2005, Storytelling as a Pathway to Peace 2007 and Words that Heal 2010 in Sweden. She is Founding Director of a scandinavian training in the skills of applied and healing story. In 2007 she founded The Child at Heart under the swedish Ministry of Education, a project developing storytelling as a common heart language between teachers, social workers, police and others working with children and youth at risk.

Since 2009 she is Founding Director of the ALBA Peace Project, which investigates  the special competencies of a storyteller in conflict and peace-creating situations. She has been Senior Advisor for the Folke Bernadotte Academy, Swedish Foreign Office, developing storytelling as a tool for reconciliation and dialogue in politicial contexts during the Iraq Dialogue Meetings 2010. She is a mentor for Diasporic Genius, Toronto, a multi-cultural urban project where her storytelling methods have  been used since the start in 2011. In 2014 Inger Lise became Chair of the Storytelling and Peace Council, an international gathering of expert storytellers in the field of social healing and peacework from 18 different countries. She is a Keeper of the Parzival legend.

Inger Lise Oelrich has written two full-length plays and three books on storytelling.
Her third book THE NEW STORY – Storytelling as a Pathway to Peace is published by Matador, January 2015.

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